Holidays in the UK 2020 – Come to the Forest of Dean Lodges

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Most Brits are staying in the UK for their annual holidays

Wish you were here? Not likely! Tens of thousands on Bournemouth beaches


Holidays in the UK are now all the rage. According to a report on Sky News this morning (04/08/2020). The Coronavirus and the latest set of government guidelines with reference to quarantine have made people think twice about going abroad. Fear of a second wave has caused the UK Government to expect people going abroad for holidays to quarantine themselves on return.

Holidays in the UK are a better option?

There was a list of what was described as “air bridges”. These are routes considered safe to use. Spain was one of those safe air bridges but, things have changed.

Just like the UK, Spain has had localised outbreaks of COVID-19. Places such as Barçalona have gone into local lockdown. The UK Government have changed their minds and are expecting anyone going to Spain, not just the places with suspected local outbreaks, to quarantine for at least 10 days on return to the UK.

As one could imagine, it takes the joy out of any forthcoming vacation. It’s not just the Brits travelling abroad that are less than amused, the Spanish Government are very disappointed.

MADRID (Reuters) – Spain said on Saturday it was a safe country with localised, isolated and controlled outbreaks of the coronavirus, after Britain indicated it would force all travellers arriving from Spain to quarantine for two weeks.

A Spanish Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Spain “respects decisions of the United Kingdom” and was in touch with the authorities there.

Forest of Dean Lodges – A safe haven in the UK

So, Sky News reported that people are now choosing to stay at home for their holidays. Places such as the Forest of Dean, for example, are now preferred over a trip to Benidorm, Nerja or Ibiza. There are other locations but, if you’ve seen the shots of tens of thousands of people on Bournemouth and Brighton beaches, you might prefer a more serene setting.

There would be no need for quarantine, the weather is looking great and the prices are good.

At Forest of Dean Lodges (Coleford) we have the top accommodation in the most beautiful location. Our lodges and cabins are cleaned using a state-of-the-art fogging machine. This sterilises against that ghastly Coronavirus.

Check out our accommodations and see what you could be staying in. The Forest of Dean is beautiful all year round. Please do book early, the lodges won’t stay empty.

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