Benefits of self catering Forest of Dean Lodges

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What are the benefits of a self catering holiday in Forest of Dean Lodges or Cottages?

Self catering holidays Forest of Dean

Sometimes being catered for is a little too much.

Self catering or Hotel accommodation? Self Cater or full board? catering for yourself or half board? Choices , choices!

Quite often your annual holiday depends on what type of accommodation you prefer, or, do you want to cater for yourself or have somebody else do that whilst you lounge about the pool?

Surely, there are benefits for both catering for yourself and full or half board holidays; but what might they be? Lets look at the former.

Benefits of self catering holidays

  1. You are not tied to any itinerary and so you can come and go as and when you please. This gives you greater freedom to explore your surroundings and much further afield.
  2. You choose the menu; Yes, quite often the food on the menu is not exactly what you are used to or what you like. With a self cater holiday its up to you what you choose to put on the plate.
  3. Do you like a glass of wine with your dinner? Drinks in hotels can be expensive and bar timings may not suite your routine so, with a self catering holiday, the bar is open when you want it to be and the drinks are not over expensive. This is ideal if you are on holiday celebrating a special occasion. The intimate surroundings of a self catering holiday lodge make it extra special.
  4. Group holidays are easier to organise when you go self catering and it is often cheaper, some companies will give discounts for a block booking, ideal for families and groups.
  5. More intimate surroundings. Hotel holidays or full / half board holidays will quite often feature shared facilities. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, who wants to listen to somebodies children run riot or Mrs Bloggs rowing with her husband. Private facilities are more peaceful and stress free.

There are more benefits to going self catering in a Forest of Dean lodge or cottage, you explore the local area more, out of need to fill your pantry but also it gives you the impetus to get out and about and explore.

Forest of Dean self catering lodges and cottages are ideal self catering holiday accommodation.

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