Questions about the Forest of Dean

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Questions about the Forest of Dean

Questions about the Royal Forest of Dean

Questions about the Royal Forest of Dean

BBC Countryfile often visits the Forest of Dean

I am often asked questions about the Royal Forest of Dean. The questions are usually more or less the same. So, I’ve decided now is a good time to put a finger to keyboard and answer the main questions.

The Forest of Dean; Why is it called that?

The core of the forest was used by the late Anglo Saxon kings, and after 1066, by the Normans, as their personal hunting ground. The name ‘Forest of Dean‘ originates from this time, perhaps derived from the ‘dene’ or valley near Mitcheldean, with areas known as Dene Magna (large) and Dene Parva (small).

Is the Forest of Dean in Wales, or England?

The Forest of Dean is one of E England’s few remaining ancient forests, covering over 110 square kilometers of woodland and lies between the rivers Wye and Severn, in the western part of Gloucestershire, and on the borders of Wales and Herefordshire.

Do animals live in Dean Forest?

Smaller animals shelter in the trees and pastures including grey squirrels, voles, hedgehogs, foxes, and dormice. There are several species of bats recorded within the Forest of Dean district and they are protected. The pipistrelle, noctule, and long-eared bat are the most common species.
Since Norman times, the Dean has had principally one species of deer – a herd of fallow deer. A few red deer were dumped in the Forest in 1999, but have since moved to the SW of the Forest in the Wye Valley.
There are thought to be about 1,500 wild boar in the Forest of Dean, making it the largest population in England. It became established after boar escaped from a farm in the 1990s. A further group of 60 animals was illegally dumped there in 2004
Does the Forest of Dean have any famous sons and daughters?
  • Dennis Potter. The playwright Dennis Potter was born at Berry Hill, near Coleford in the Forest of Dean. …
  • The Dymock Poets. …
  • JK Rowling. …
  • Horlicks. …
  • Dick Whittington. …
  • J R R Tolkien. …
  • Herbert Howells. …
  • Jimmy Young. See more

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