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Last Minute Christmas Bookings Forest of Dean 2018

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Last Minute Christmas Bookings Forest of Dean 2018? No Problems.

Last Minute Christmas breaks Forest of Dean 2017

Last minute Christmas bookings 2018 are not a rare occurrence in any location, so, why should we not expect the same in the Forest of Dean? We don’t.

For that matter we are always ready to remind people, those thinking of a Christmas lodge in the Forest of Dean, that we still have something available. Thus, this blog post.

We have one lodge left for the festive season and, if you want it, you should contact us right away.

We are talking about Kensley lodge which can sleep up to 6 people in comfort. 4 nights in this fantastic Forest of Dean Lodge from the 23rd to 27th of December 2017 for just 395 Pounds! That can’t be bad, can it!

Don’t miss out on this great Christmas break, contact us today and book yourself a great Christmas break in the Royal Forest of Dean.

Weather Statistics Forest of Dean

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Weather Statistics for the Forest of Dean

If there is one thing that people are obsessed by, its the weather. It matters not what season it is, the weather will be brought up in nearly every conversation.

Forest of Dean weather statistics report

It seems that we cannot get through the day without checking the TV report, the newspaper daily update and now,  thanks to the wonders of technology,you can have the weather app on your phone. You can now check to see if it is raining as many times as you like.

The app on your phone will give you today’s report, tomorrow and next week. And, if you are that interested, the long range forecast for the next few months. You can have too much of a good thing.

So, what about the Forest of Dean weather Statistics?

The great thing about the royal Forest of Dean is that no matter come rain, hail, snow or shine, you can alsways get something to do.

Forest of Dean has so many places to visit, so many things to see and do, both indoors or outdoors, it makes no difference as long as you make a little plan.

Anyone who reads this blog will have read back postings where we have listed the things you can see and do in the Forest of Dean at different times of the year. Google is another great way to check out things, there are a myriad of websites with information on the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley.

Renting a Forest of Dean lodge or cottage for a winter break is a great way to brighten up any winter. We have a range of offers for you, such as couples breaks, weekend breaks, long and short term rentals, holistic and health Spa holidays.

You can also bring the dog, we are very pet friendly. Check out our main website and book yourself a lovely break in the Forest of Dean, don’t worry about the weather, the forest is beautiful 360 days of the year.


Christmas New Year Royal Forest of Dean 2018 / 2019 Breaks

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Christmas and New Year Forest of Dean 2018 / 2019

If you were to type a question into Google, you would no doubt get the answer you want. Sometimes, not always, you may get a host of answers all telling you a different thing. It’s not easy.

Here is a great question to ask Google; what is the most stressful time of the year? You won’t be surprised by the answer though.

Christmas time is the most stressful time of the year, especially for mums. Why should this be? How can such a jolly few weeks be stressful, after all, we eat, drink and make merry, don’t we?

Well; not everyone has a great Christmas time and not everyone east, drinks and makes merry. Some people have to work, in fact, in the modern world we live in, its more normal for people to work night shifts and weekends as well as festive periods. It would seem that the world has forgotten how to sleep or just say “No!”.

Christmas forest of dean

Leave Christmas hassle behind and book a Forest of Dean Lodge or Cottage this Christmas

Christmas and New Year

So, why then is Christmas and New Year the most stressful time to be a mom or a worker?

  1. Finance. Christmas can be a very expensive few weeks, especially if you have children or young adults. Gone are the days of putting and tangerine, torch, some sweets and chocolate into a sock that is hung from the bed end. No chance what so ever of that. These days its Iphones, Drones, laptop computers and computer games. These don’t come cheap, in fact, they can be bloody expensive. Some people go over their heads to keep their children happy and to “keep up with the Jones next door”.
  2. Family and friends. Yes, the arrival of the mother-in-law rates as the biggest cause of stress and friction at Christmas, according to a poll of 2500 adults conducted by the Daily Mirror. Also ranked high is the heavy workload involved with creating the “perfect Christmas”. Also ranking high is the idleness of the male spouse. Most woman would not trust their husbands to take care of things at Christmas because they don’t think they are capable of such as thing.
  3. Shopping. On average, a mom would spend up to 226 hours doing the Christmas shopping. Can you imagine that? (I suppose if you are a mom, yes you can.) I have to confess, Christmas shopping is a pet hatred. Does it never cease to amaze you how so may people leave everything to the last minute, or so it would seem. Who likes the pushing and shoving, the queue’s, the bad tempers and often foul weather.
  4. Decorations. Taking out the “deccies” two weeks before the festive season, every year, to me, seems like Dèjà Vu It always seems like it has been two minutes since you put them away, and here you are, again, taking them back out. Of course, the lights won’t work or you have lost the ties for the tree decorations or the fairy looks like she has been in a fight with Rocky Marciano. It is never straight forward.
  5. Yuletide Songs. Yes! If there is one thing guaranteed to send myself and others off the stress scale it is the “Christmas number 1”. In my youth, the Christmas number 1 was the likes of Slade, John Lennon, Wizard, Mud and other talented individuals and groups. Even into the 80’s and 90’s there were still some decent hits at Christmas. Wham, Shakin Stevens, Mariah Carey, to name a few. Then came those dreadful talent shows and the winner was practically guaranteed a Xmas number 1. Very seldom were they any good, in fact, they are dreadful. So dreadful, even Cliff Richard is a welcome warbler with his cheesy hits. Which are the worst number 1 Xmas hits? Take a look.

There are many reasons why Christmas is so stressful, you will have your own pet hate. This Daily Mirror poll is an excellent and informative read. Take a look and see if you can identify yourself among the list of stress causes.

So, why am I posting about Xmas and New Year 2018? Its only October?

Yes, it is only October but Christmas is just around the corner and the annual ritual will soon begin. So, why not give it a rest this year? Yes, really! Instead of the fuss and the bother, all the shopping, the decorations, the mother-in-law, why not book into one of our Forest of Dean Lodges and Cottages?

Let somebody else cook Xmas dinner for you.There will be plenty of places open in the Royal Forest of Dean to make sure you won’t miss the festive meal. Just think; No Washing Up! Booking a lodge or cottage in the Forest of Dean will save you a lot of time, stress and expense. Bring the family, you can even bring the dog, we are pet friendly.

What About New Year?

New Year 2018/2019 is the same. Forget all the running about, all the fuss and bother. Book with us and really enjoy the Xmas and New year for a change.

Book early though!

However; make sure you do this in good time because a lot of people tend to get the same idea at this time of year. The thought of getting away for the festive break becomes ever more inviting. The thought of relaxing in the beautiful Forest of Dean and letting somebody else take the strain is a real attraction.

You can check out what we have available for you, not just in the festive season but at other times of the year. Our villas and cottages are available 365 days of the year. You can pick the time that suites you and look forward to a well deserved holiday or weekend break.

If you have any questions on our accommodation, our staff are more than happy to help you. Please contact us at any time and we will be happy to make sure you get the holiday you truly deserve.

The Forest of Dean Christmas and New Year, its more “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and less “Oh! Oh! Oh!”.


Forest of Dean Calendars 2018

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Forest of Dean Calendars 2018 – Book your Forest of Dean Lodge

Forest of Dean Calendars: Wild boar in the Forest of Dean

This little fellow’s family will be on one of the calendars for 2018

It is at this time of year, every year, that one of my favourite programmes “Countryfile” starts to tell you all about the new calendar for 2018 and how to get it.

Aunty Beeb knows how to pull the coffers in and, with such a great show as Countryfile, you are guaranteed a good list of takers for the 2018 calendar.

Well, there is some great news for those who are fans of the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley area of Gloucestershire.

Caldwell Creations have released their new 2018 Forest of Dean Calendars and they look brilliant. Each of the vibrantly coloured calendars carries 13 photographs that are unique and will not be reproduced on other merchandise.

8 Forest of Dean Calendars to choose from

There are 8 Forest of Dean calendars to choose from, The Main one, Humbugs, Wild Boar, Ponies, Sunshine, A different perspective, Trails through the Forest and Wildlife. These items are A4 size and are a limited addition, so, you are getting something pretty unique for a mere 6 pounds.

2018 isn’t that far away now and a quick gaze at your present calendar will remind you that it would be a good idea to check out the Forest of Dean Lodges website and book your forest lodge for next year. Leaving your holiday booking to the last minute is never a good idea.

Forest of Dean lodges at Coleford are happy to take your lodge booking for 2018 now. If there are any questions you have about the lodges and cottages or any of the services provided, we are happy to talk to you. Contact us at any time.

We have lodges and cottages in the Royal Forest of Dean that will suite everyone. Check out the lodge pages and see what is on offer and then book now to avoid disappointment.

Forest of Dean Holidays 2018

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Forest of Dean Holidays 2018 – Never too soon to book your lodge or cottage

I know he are not even halfway through the month of September 2017, so, why am I going on about Forest of Dean Holidays 2018?

Well, imagine how you would feel if you did not get the exact holiday you wanted? You would not be happy, to say the least. You would also be surprised how many people would book a forest holiday so far in advance. After all, you know the month you want to be on holiday, so, why wouldn’t other people.

Booking your Forest of Dean lodge now takes the pressure off and you can start to look forward to your holiday, safe in the knowledge that you are going to get exactly what you want.

Forest of Dean Holidays – Autumn & Winter 2017

The Royal Forest of Dean is a very beautiful place all year round. Seeing a forest in the autumn is like seeing nothing mother nature at her finest. The colours you will encounter will leave beautiful lasting memories of a holiday well spent.

You cannot imagine the kaleidoscope of colours, from the deepest darkest green to the brightest gold and everything in between. Imagine walking through the fallen leaves and breathing in the crisp fresh air.

Winter in the Forest of Dean is also just as beautiful. When the snow falls and covers everything in a pure white blanket, the forest looks like something off a Christmas card.

Lodges in winter forest of dean holidays 2018

This beautiful photograph of the Forest of Dean is thanks to Ben Locke

There is still time to book a Forest of Dean lodge or cottage for autumn and winter of 2017 but again, if you are coming to stay with us we would advise you book sooner rather than later.

Please feel free to contact us at any time about our lodges and cottages and also the range of breaks we can offer, such as couples weekends and Spa breaks. Also, remember that we are animal friendly and will be delighted to see your pet as well.

We will be delighted to hear from you.


Forest of Dean Weather Forecast

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Forest of Dean weather forecast – Find out what’s happening

Weather Forest of Dean Lodges

The Royal Forest of Dean is a beautiful place to be no matter what the weather is like.


Weather forecast is one 0f the biggest searched for keywords on Google. People are obsessed with the weather and leading the charge are without doubt, the British.

Unpredictable weather in the UK has hampered many a family holiday, wedding, BBQ and rock festival. Knowing what the weather will be like is very helpful when planning an event.

Quite often, the weather will decide where a holiday is taken. For instance; Spain and its many Costas will guarantee you months of endless (some might say monotonous sunshine) sunshine.

If sunshine is what you need most, then this is the place for you, without a doubt. However; if you are the type of person who likes a diverse holiday and the great outdoors, then the Forest of Dean and a Forest of Dean lodge or cottage is more than perfect.

But what about the weather?

Yes, the weather! We live in a world that is driven by information technology, some of it drives us mad, sometimes it can be confusing but, if used correctly, this can be a godsend.

Forest of Dean is a very beautiful place, no matter what the weather is like. But, if you are taking a holiday in a Forest Lodge for a specific purpose (Walking holiday, cycle holiday etc) then the chances are you want to be fairly dry when you plan your trips out.

Google has the answer to your prayers. “Weather Forest of Dean” is the key phrase that will bring up both long range and short term weather forecasts for the Royal Forest of Dean and Wye Valley.

No fuss, no bother, the weather is at your fingertips and you can plan your days out, unless you just fancy relaxing in your lodge, having a Spa session or treating yourself to a hair-doo or beauty session.

What ever the reason, check the weather and you are in control.

This is an excellent link for you for the Forest of Dean weather forecast. 


Late bookings Forest of Dean Holidays

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Late Bookings Forest of Dean Holidays – There is still time.

Late bookings Self Catering Holidays UK

Late bookings in Forest of Dean lodges is still an option for anyone who has not yet sorted out their summer vacation.

Some people like to leave booking their annual holiday until the very last minute. This is something you need good nerves for. If you definitely wanted a loge in the Forest of Dean and nothing else, I would book now.

Late Bookings don’t always equal low price.

People may think that late bookings mean cheaper lodges; this is not always the case. In some areas of the UK, businesses may offer you a certain amount of discount on their accommodation, if they have had a bad year or they have nothing booked for a period of time.

Forest of Dean lodges are popular all year round and so the chances of the lodges and cottages being empty for any length of time in unlikely. If you want a certain time slot, book it early, to avoid disappointment, as they say.

That does not mean to say there will not be promotions or special offers on Forest of Dean holidays. Even the busiest of Forest Holiday companies like to show good will and have special deals.

This is one reason why you should stay in contact with the main Forest of Dean Lodges website, you never know when something special is going to become available to you.

This, however, is different to a normal lodge booking and why I say on the brave hearts will hold on to the bitter end hoping for a cheap lodge deal.

We have a limited amount of time slots left for the end of August 2017 and my advice is book now or you may be unlucky. I suppose it will be a case of “Oh well! maybe next year?”

Book Now

Benefits of self catering Forest of Dean Lodges

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What are the benefits of a self catering holiday in Forest of Dean Lodges or Cottages?

Self catering holidays Forest of Dean

Sometimes being catered for is a little too much.

Self catering or Hotel accommodation? Self Cater or full board? catering for yourself or half board? Choices , choices!

Quite often your annual holiday depends on what type of accommodation you prefer, or, do you want to cater for yourself or have somebody else do that whilst you lounge about the pool?

Surely, there are benefits for both catering for yourself and full or half board holidays; but what might they be? Lets look at the former.

Benefits of self catering holidays

  1. You are not tied to any itinerary and so you can come and go as and when you please. This gives you greater freedom to explore your surroundings and much further afield.
  2. You choose the menu; Yes, quite often the food on the menu is not exactly what you are used to or what you like. With a self cater holiday its up to you what you choose to put on the plate.
  3. Do you like a glass of wine with your dinner? Drinks in hotels can be expensive and bar timings may not suite your routine so, with a self catering holiday, the bar is open when you want it to be and the drinks are not over expensive. This is ideal if you are on holiday celebrating a special occasion. The intimate surroundings of a self catering holiday lodge make it extra special.
  4. Group holidays are easier to organise when you go self catering and it is often cheaper, some companies will give discounts for a block booking, ideal for families and groups.
  5. More intimate surroundings. Hotel holidays or full / half board holidays will quite often feature shared facilities. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, who wants to listen to somebodies children run riot or Mrs Bloggs rowing with her husband. Private facilities are more peaceful and stress free.

There are more benefits to going self catering in a Forest of Dean lodge or cottage, you explore the local area more, out of need to fill your pantry but also it gives you the impetus to get out and about and explore.

Forest of Dean self catering lodges and cottages are ideal self catering holiday accommodation.

Contact us for more information.

Forest of Dean Lodges

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Forest of Dean Lodges – Kensley, Danby and Latimer Lodges

Kensley Lodge: Forest of Dean Lodges


Kensley Lodge Forest of Dean

A lovely spacious character barn conversion with natural stone walls, oak beams, heated flagstone floor throughout the ground floor.

Oodles of chars and character dating from the 17th Century combined with the advantages of all modern conveniences, make this an ideal base for your exploration of the Forest of Dean and the surrounding area.

A fully equipped kitchen; including dishwasher, microwave, fridge freezer, cooker and hob.

This cottage has two centrally heated double bedrooms, both with original beams, stone walls and sloping ceiling.

Free WiFi is available in all of our Lodges. This lodge sleeps three people in two double beds, one double bed is against the wall. A freezer is available in Kensley Lodge.
Read more

Danby Lodge Forest of Dean

Danby Kitchen Forest of Dean Lodges

A lovely, comfortable, character barn conversion. With natural stone walls, oak beams, heated flagstone floors throughout the ground floor.Oodles of charm and character, dating original from the 17th Century, with all the advantages of modern conveniences, this is an ideal base for your exploration of the Forest of Dean and surrounding countryside.

This Lodge has 2 bedrooms: Bedroom 1 has a super king size bed – can be split to make twin beds if required.

It still retains the original beams and stone walling. Bedroom 2 has twin beds with original beams and stone walling. There is also an open plan lounge and dining room with a flat screen TV, DVD, Wi-Fi and, for your comfort, reclining chair and sofa.

Read more.

Latimer Lodge Forest of Dean

Latimer Bedroom Forest of Dean Lodges

A lovely cozy character barn conversion with natural stone walls, oak beams, heated flagstone floors throughout.

Oodles of charm and character dating from the 17th Century, now with all the advantages of modern conveniences, this is an ideal base from which to explore the Forest of Dean and its amazing surroundings.

Latimer benefits from an open plan kitchen/lounge with all modern conveniences – including dishwasher, oven and hob, fridge freezer, microwave, flat screen TV, DVD player and Wi-fi connection.

There is a large double bedroom with door opening onto a secluded private terrace. Separate dining room, with bed settee for additional sleeping.

Modern spacious shower room. It has parking for two cars.

Read More

All of our Forest of Dean Lodges are top class accommodation, so much so, we have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the TripAdvisor website.

This award is for excellence voted by guests who have stayed with us in the Forest of Dean. These are independent votes awarded on merit.

Forest Lodges Forest of Dean

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Forest Lodges Forest of Dean –  Enjoy the heatwave

Forest Lodges Forest of Dean 2017

Forest Lodges breaks? This year, so far at least, has been a record year for beautiful sunny weather. In fact, I believe you would have to go right back to the 70’s to find anything similar.

When the weather is as beautiful as this, your thoughts turn to your summer holidays and you are counting down the days until you can pack your bags.

If you have already booked your summer holiday that is, some people leave it right up until the very last moment hoping to find a mega-deal. That is not a wise move.

Summer Holidays in Forest Lodges

There are all types of holidays to be had, home and abroad. Flying out when you have Caribbean weather at home doesn’t seem right.

The other bugbear about going abroad is the endless hours spent at the airports. Due to security measures, flying has become ever more boring due to the rituals at security.

Really, and I am of course biased in this matter, but it has to be said that vacations in the UK are a very good option.

Very little time is wasted traveling, and, unless you are very unlucky and end up in a tailback on the motorway, you will get from A to B without much hassle at all.

At our Forest of Dean Lodges, you turn up and you are straight into your holiday, no fuss, no bother.

Our Forest lodges and cabins are extremely comfortable, beautifully decorated and the location is faultless. We have also been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017.

There is plenty to see and do in and around the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley, you won’t get bored.

We at Forest of Dean Lodges hope you will choose a UK holiday in this glorious weather and come and stay in the beautiful Royal Forest of Dean.

Please check out our accommodation and our Blog and we hope we will be hearing from you very soon.