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Forest Lodges Forest of Dean Р Enjoy the heatwave

Forest Lodges breaks? This year, so far at least, has been a record year for beautiful sunny weather. In fact, I believe you would have to go right back to the 70’s to find anything similar.

When the weather is as beautiful as this, your thoughts turn to your summer holidays and you are counting down the days until you can pack your bags.

If you have already booked your summer holiday that is, some people leave it right up until the very last moment hoping to find a mega-deal. That is not a wise move.

Summer Holidays in Forest Lodges

There are all types of holidays to be had, home and abroad. Flying out when you have Caribbean weather at home doesn’t seem right.

The other bugbear about going abroad is the endless hours spent at the airports. Due to security measures, flying has become ever more boring due to the rituals at security.

Really, and I am of course biased in this matter, but it has to be said that vacations in the UK are a very good option.

Very little time is wasted traveling, and, unless you are very unlucky and end up in a tailback on the motorway, you will get from A to B without much hassle at all.

At our Forest of Dean Lodges, you turn up and you are straight into your holiday, no fuss, no bother.

Our Forest lodges and cabins are extremely comfortable, beautifully decorated and the location is faultless. We have also been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017.

There is plenty to see and do in and around the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley, you won’t get bored.

We at Forest of Dean Lodges hope you will choose a UK holiday in this glorious weather and come and stay in the beautiful Royal Forest of Dean.

Please check out our accommodation and our Blog and we hope we will be hearing from you very soon.


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