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Forest of Dean Lodges – Top 5 Things to do in August

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Forest of Dean Lodges – Top 5 Things to do in August

top 5 things to do in the Forest of Dean - Birds of Prey center

Top 5 things to do in August: August is almost upon us and the Forest of Dean will look its beautiful summer self again.

There is still time to book a Forest of Dean Lodge or cottage, if you are one of those people who leave it late when booking their holidays.

Events happen all year round in the Royal Forest of Dean and August 2017 will be no exception, there is plenty to see and do.

What are the top 5 things to do in the Forest of Dean?

This is a tricky one because we all have different ideas of what is great and what is not. One persons great day out watching trains go by would bore another person to death.

I think that the best way to go about this is to put it to a vote.

As luck would have it, there is a website that behaves just like that. TripAdvisor (Forest of Dean Lodges got a certificate of excellence from the!) allow their members to rate places they have been to.

I visited the section that is concerned with the Wye Valley and Royal Forest of Dean and checked out the votes for certain places.

Again, luck was one my side because TripAdvisor have already ranked the places to visit in order, thanks to the vast amount of votes cast by their members.

Top 5 things to do are:

  1. The International Center for Birds of Prey
  2. Royal Forest of Dean (Coleford)
  3. Symonds Yat Rock (Coleford)
  4. Clearwell Caves (Coleford)
  5. Puzzlewood (Coleford)

There are more places to see and things to do ranked by the travel website and you can browse through the ones I have listed as well as a lot more besides.

Four out of the top five places are in Coleford and that is exactly where you will find the the Forest of Dean Lodges. We are right at the centre of all that is best about the Forest of Dean.

Take a look at our main website and check out our lodges and cottages, you’ll be impressed, I¡m sure of that.

If you would like to book one of our lodges or cottages, well be delighted to hear from you.

BBC Next Doctor Who named

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Next Doctor Who is named and this time its a woman doctor

New Doctor Who jodie whittaker

Dr Who has regenerated as a woman by the name of Jodie Whittaker

Well, strike me blind, we have a new Doctor Who and the BBC has gone for a complete change this time.

The new “Doctor” has regenerated as a woman! That’s a neat trick even by Doctor Who standards.

Doctor Who has, traditionally, been an oddball type man with a series of female assistance and, since it began in the 1960’s the series has been a firm favourite of millions of people.

The BBC in Recent Years

The BBC was transformed by Greg Dyke from an old Conservative, prudish type of organisation to something that is often seen as a pillar of political correctness and some people think this appointment is another step in that direction.

Anyway, the new Doctors name is Jodie Whittaker who starred in Broadchurch, she is the first female to take on the part, so, good luck with that one.

Doctor Who and the Forest of Dean

Now, if you are getting a bit long in the tooth and remember the Dr. Who series from the very start, the more astute among you will know that the Forest of Dean has been used many times to shoot parts of the franchise.

After all, if you want somewhere that is both beautiful and haunting, somewhere that looks unspoilt and unfamiliar, then the Forest of Dean with its twisted trees and amazing locations is ideal

Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean has been used many times before and its easy to see why.

At the Forest of Dean Lodges we are quite used to fans of the Doctor turning up, although not dressed as Daleks, thankfully.

It may come up in a pub quiz sometime and so, I’ve found a website that will enlighten you as to the locations in the Forest of Dean that have been used to film BBC’s Doctor Who.

Take a look and I’m sure, even for the series biggest fans, there will be something new for you to see.

Forest of Dean Events July 2017

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Forest of Dean Events July 2017

Forest of Dean Events July 2017

Forest of Dean attractions: King Arthur’s Cave near Symonds Yat.


Forest of Dean events; What’s on in the Royal Forest of Dean in July 2017? Good question; Fortunately, I have a good answer for you.

Finding out what’s on in the Royal Forest of Dean is very easy these days, there is so much information on the Internet that it is a question that is answerable in the blink of an eye.

What’s On in the Forest of Dean? Ask Google!

It seems that nowadays Google is literally the answer to any question.

“How do you make Apple crumble?” ask Google, “What is the square root of 1298?” ask Goole, names, places, dates, you name it and Google has the answer.

Staying at the Forest of Dean Lodges (no doubt you searched Google for that as well?) you will want to know many things, none more important than “what’s on in the Forest of Dean?” because, if you have booked one of our beautiful Forest lodges, you will want to visit places.

Our staff at Forest of Dean Lodges will help in many ways but, there is always something else you are looking for and for this reason, sites such as the Wye Dean Tourism website is a godsend.

Summer is a fantastic time to be in the Forest of Dean because there is so much going on and the Forest itself look beautiful (as it does at any time of the year)

Events such as the great Tower Party, the Faropen Exibition, a great place to be if you are interested in art and artists, the Caerleon Festival, another celebratory meeting, The Caerleon Festival is a non commercial community enterprise celebrating the arts and entertaining people throughout the year.

There some excellent Bandstand concerts on several days across July and August

Under the “See and Do” category, you are spoilt for choice and there is something for all of the family to get involved with.

The ancient mines at Clearwell Caves, see the caves and caverns hewn out of the rock by miners digging for Iron Ore for thousands of years in the Forest of Dean.

Go Ape in a tree top adventure playground, all very exciting and lots of fun.

Check out the “Myths and Legends tab of the website and you will find such great places as King Arthur’s cave.

There really is so much to see and do for all the family, please, take a little while and check out this great website and see what there is for you.

Have a nice time.

Beauty Treatments Forest of Dean

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Beauty Treatments Forest of Dean – Not just Holiday Lodges

Designed for Beauty Monmouthshire Beauty Clinics

Beauty Treatments Forest of Dean? Now there’s something you won’t hear often from a company who deliver top class Forest holidays, is it?

No, of course it isn’t. You expect such a company to rap on about holidays and accommodation, not beauty treatments.

Well, the good news is this; Designed for Beauty is located in Agincourt Square, on the other side of the river Wye, close to the Chippenham playing fields, for those who know the Monmouth area well.

For those who don’t, Designed for Beauty is a short distance from Coleford and easy to find.

So, What about Designed for Beauty?

Designed for Beauty is not just a beauty salon, not just an hairdressing salon, its much more besides that.

If you have ever heard of the Ten Years Younger programme on Channel 4 with Myleen Klass and other celebrities, then you’ll understand where we are coming from, if not, thanks to Wikipedia, we shall explain.

With the help of experts the participant of the show is given a complete make over in an attempt to make them look 10 Years Younger, partially through plastic surgery.

At the start of the programme the person’s age is guessed by 100 people on the street and an average is taken.

From this average the target image is set. At the end of the show this happens again to see the results.

While Designed For Beauty won’t have a celebrity cutting your hair, they will have highly trained and qualified staff who will.

Designed For Beauty Treatments

Health Salon, Aesthetic treatments both surgical and non surgical, weight loss clinics, Spa and Health Clinics, Tanning Booths and all other health and well-being services are all available.

So, you see, when you are planning your UK vacation, keep in mind that its not all lazing about in the sunshine or walking about historical towns and villages.

Turn your Forest of Dean holiday into a health and well-being break or beauty treatment holiday.

Please take a few minutes to visit the Designed for Beauty website and see what fantastic offers they have on the very best of beauty and health treatments anywhere in the UK.

Butterfly Zoo Wye Valley Trip

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Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo

Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo

Beautiful? You bet! Visit the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo.


If you have already booked your Forest of Dean summer holiday, great! If not, you need to do so very quickly as you are missing out on a beautiful summer holiday.

Making this holiday in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley all the more beautiful is the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo.

Why are they called “Butterflies?”

The quick answer is; Nobody knows! The word “Butterfly” has been in the English language for hundreds of years, so, actually tagging somebody with inventing the word would be impossible to do.

Butterfleoge” in Ye olde English language meant “butterfly

Some people think that the name “butter-fly” is a corruption of the word “flutter by” which, when you think about it, that’s exactly what they do, they “flutter by”

Other people like to believe that the word eminates from stories of witches, disguised as butterflies, used to fly in and steal milk and honey. I’m not so sure about that one.

Why am I banging on about Butterflies?

Well, recently, walking through the fields in Spain I came across lots of beautiful butterflies, all sizes and all colours and it got me thinking about our own beautiful British creatures.

I am happy to tell you that, whilst staying at one of our beautiful self catering Forest of Dean lodges, you can, if you wish, go and visit the nearby Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo. Site link.

This has to be one of the most beautiful trips you will ever make. Imagine being able to see so many different varieties of butterflies and in all stages of their life cycle.

Just looking at a butterfly is enough to raise a smile to anyone’s face so, just imagine how happy you’ll be seeing a lot of them.

Please, if you are coming to stay with us in the Forest of Dean lodges, check out the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo website and book yourself a trip that will give you so many, beautiful and happy memeories of a great holiday.

Forest of Dean Events Summer 2017

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Forest of Dean Events Summer 2017 – What to do on your Forest of Dean Summer Holidays

Summer holidays Forest of Deanr RSPB nagshead

You’ll be surprised what you can see on a Forest of Dean Summer Holiday


It is almost that time of the year, well, for some of us that are lucky to be going to the Royal Forest of Dean in beautiful Gloucestershire, that is.

I don’t know about you, but I suspect you are no different, the countdown to your summer holidays starts on January the 1st and then just drags, or it seems to.

The great thing about booking a lodge in the Forest of Dean is that it is such a versatile type of holiday.

You have the people who love the great outdoors, they come to the forest just to be there, to observe mother nature first hand. Others are part of a club or have a hobby interest in the outdoors, such as bird watching,

RSPB Forest of Dean

The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) has a fantastic reserve set in the heartlands of the Forest of Dean, you can visit and see some of the most beautiful species to be seen anywhere in Europe.

RSPB has some excellent summer events that will be of great interest to the bird watcher and anyone interested in mother nature and all things wild.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is a charitable organisation registered in England and Wales and in Scotland. It was founded as the Plumage League in 1889 by Emily Williamson. (Wikipedia)

Other Forest Activities

Ramblers, walkers, joggers, artists, cyclists and many more people head for the forest for their summer holidays because it is a beautiful place to be and, having booked one of our self catering forest lodges, they have the freedom to enjoy their hobby to the full.

There is, of course, many hosted events, some of them rural, others sporting and artistic. There are many festivals throughout the summer and autumn months such as the Mitcheldean Fete and Folk festival on the 14th of July 2017.

For the music lovers, there is the Coleford Music Festival and many more events to keep you occupied and interested.

Dining out is also an option and there are many places to for a great meal or simply have a quiet drink and enjoy your break.

Then there is the “do nothing” option; relax in your Forest of Dean Lodge and just enjoy the time away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race.

Have you booked your summer break in the Forest of Dean? If not I would do so rather quickly.



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