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Next Doctor Who is named and this time its a woman doctor

New Doctor Who jodie whittaker

Dr Who has regenerated as a woman by the name of Jodie Whittaker

Well, strike me blind, we have a new Doctor Who and the BBC has gone for a complete change this time.

The new “Doctor” has regenerated as a woman! That’s a neat trick even by Doctor Who standards.

Doctor Who has, traditionally, been an oddball type man with a series of female assistance and, since it began in the 1960’s the series has been a firm favourite of millions of people.

The BBC in Recent Years

The BBC was transformed by Greg Dyke from an old Conservative, prudish type of organisation to something that is often seen as a pillar of political correctness and some people think this appointment is another step in that direction.

Anyway, the new Doctors name is Jodie Whittaker who starred in Broadchurch, she is the first female to take on the part, so, good luck with that one.

Doctor Who and the Forest of Dean

Now, if you are getting a bit long in the tooth and remember the Dr. Who series from the very start, the more astute among you will know that the Forest of Dean has been used many times to shoot parts of the franchise.

After all, if you want somewhere that is both beautiful and haunting, somewhere that looks unspoilt and unfamiliar, then the Forest of Dean with its twisted trees and amazing locations is ideal

Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean has been used many times before and its easy to see why.

At the Forest of Dean Lodges we are quite used to fans of the Doctor turning up, although not dressed as Daleks, thankfully.

It may come up in a pub quiz sometime and so, I’ve found a website that will enlighten you as to the locations in the Forest of Dean that have been used to film BBC’s Doctor Who.

Take a look and I’m sure, even for the series biggest fans, there will be something new for you to see.

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