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Beauty Treatments Forest of Dean – Not just Holiday Lodges

Beauty Treatments Forest of Dean? Now there’s something you won’t hear often from a company who deliver top class Forest holidays, is it?

No, of course it isn’t. You expect such a company to rap on about holidays and accommodation, not beauty treatments.

Well, the good news is this; Designed for Beauty is located in Agincourt Square, on the other side of the river Wye, close to the Chippenham playing fields, for those who know the Monmouth area well.

For those who don’t, Designed for Beauty is a short distance from Coleford and easy to find.

So, What about Designed for Beauty?

Designed for Beauty is not just a beauty salon, not just an hairdressing salon, its much more besides that.

If you have ever heard of the Ten Years Younger programme on Channel 4 with Myleen Klass and other celebrities, then you’ll understand where we are coming from, if not, thanks to Wikipedia, we shall explain.

With the help of experts the participant of the show is given a complete make over in an attempt to make them look 10 Years Younger, partially through plastic surgery.

At the start of the programme the person’s age is guessed by 100 people on the street and an average is taken.

From this average the target image is set. At the end of the show this happens again to see the results.

While Designed For Beauty won’t have a celebrity cutting your hair, they will have highly trained and qualified staff who will.

Designed For Beauty Treatments

Health Salon, Aesthetic treatments both surgical and non surgical, weight loss clinics, Spa and Health Clinics, Tanning Booths and all other health and well-being services are all available.

So, you see, when you are planning your UK vacation, keep in mind that its not all lazing about in the sunshine or walking about historical towns and villages.

Turn your Forest of Dean holiday into a health and well-being break or beauty treatment holiday.

Please take a few minutes to visit the Designed for Beauty website and see what fantastic offers they have on the very best of beauty and health treatments anywhere in the UK.

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