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Forest of Dean Lodges Christmas and New Year 2022/2023

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Forest of Dean Lodges for Christmas and New Year 2022/2023 – Book Your Holiday Today

Time to make a choice; Festive mayhem or peaceful comfort if the Forest of Dean Lodges at Coleford.


Christmas and New Year 2022/2023

Some people like to leave their annual Christmas and New Year break to the last minute. There are many reasons for this; they are hoping for last-minute deals or cancellations, waiting on friends and family to make up their minds, getting the money together or whatever. The truth is; if you are able to book early, then, do so. If not just for your own peace of mind.

The Forest of Dean is a wonderful place at any time of the year. Christmas and New Year are no exceptions.

I know some people will spend the festive season in the middle of the forest just to get away from the mayhem. I’m no Sigmund Freud by any stretch of the imagination, but, I know Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year.

Why are Christmas, New Year and Holiday times stressful?

There are many reasons for the stress and misery. I have been on the Internet to find out why?

The first port of call was a website called Psychology Today. One of the posts from Elana Premack Sandler, the site admin blogger entitled ‘Tis The Season To Be Miserable’ . This gives a great account of why holiday seasons wind us up so much. It’s really worth a read.

One of the main reasons that we want to get away is people. You have to admit; try getting your last-minute shopping done (fresh cream and brandy cream is my own personal bugbear!) if you are pushed for time. It can be horrendous! It seems like the whole world has had the same idea and converged on the same shop as you. It’s insane.

Book a Forest of Dean Lodge instead

It need not be that way. Book yourself a wonderful lodge or cabin in the Forest of Dean and get away from the rush, crush and panick of the festive season. There is space, peace and quiet, as well as very comfortable accommodation. From your base in Coleford, you can explore the forest, the Wye Valley and take in as much, or, as little of the festivities as you like.

Check out htis website called Explore Gloucestershire to find out what will be happening in the local and further areas. Also, please vist our main website pages to see the prices for Christmas and New year as well as the lodges avaiable to you.

Remember: book now! and remeber, we are pet friendly.


What’s on November 2021 Forest of Dean

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What’s on November 2021 Forest of Dean

What’s On November 2021?

We are into November already, where has the year gone? It seems like two minutes since I wrote the same thing about 2020. Depending on your age; time seems to whizz by. All the more reason then, to cram as much into the remaining months of 2021.

OK, so the pandemic hasn’t helped matters. Lots of people were banged up and unable to travel for almost 18 months. Now we have been released into the wild, so to speak, we need to make the best of it.

Forest of Dean Glamping

Although our tented accommodations are closed until May 2022, our Forest of Dean Lodges is still open and ready for clients. We are booked up for Christmas and almost full for New Year but please, check with our main site, there may still be hope for a last-minute booking. This is mind, we would like to point out a few items of interest, as far as entertainment and activities available in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley areas.

One of my favourite websites is Visit Dean Wye. This is an excellent website bursting with helpful information. If you want to find what’s on, then this is the website for you.

Visit Dean Wye Website for a mine of information

With acres of ancient forest and a stunning winding river valley, walking is of course one of the most popular outdoor activities in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley and there are plenty of options for walkers of all types.

The Forest of Dean and Wye Valley has a wide range of unique visitor attractions. From the magical Puzzlewood to the ruins of Tintern Abbey, this is a place that will take your breath away, entertain and amaze you and leave you wanting to come back for more.
Whether you’re walking, cycling, canoeing, swinging through the trees or climbing up a rock, make the most of our beautiful surroundings by heading outdoors.
We’ve got extreme adventures and beginner’s activities, guided tours and heart-pumping thrills. Our dramatic landscapes are perfect for all those looking for some outdoor adventures in nature’s playground. See more
There is plenty to see and do in the Wye Valley / Forest of Dean area this November. Get out there and enjoy yourself.

Glamping in the Forest of Dean – What is Glamping

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Try Glamping in the Forest of Dean 2021- What is Glamping?

Glamping holidays in the Forest of Dean 2021


What exactly is “Glamping”? In simple terms, the word “Glamping” is what’s known as a portmanteau, that is, two separate words joined together to make a new word. “Glamourous Camping” is simple camping but with extra added conveniences and luxuries.

Did you have a treehouse in your youth? if so, that would be considered glamping.

The Forest of Dean Lodges

Based in Coleford, Forest of Dean Lodges have for many years offered fantastic lodges, cabins, and cottages for wonderful holidays in Coleford and the Wye Valley area of Monmouthshire. And as wonderful as they are, sometimes people like to stay a little more in touch with nature and enjoy being outdoors.

Well, glamping in the Forest of Dean is now available from Forest of Dean Lodges. You have a choice now of cabin, lodge, cottage, tent, or caravan. Talk about being spoilt for choice.

Five meters and six-meter Tents and a Caravan

All of the bell tents have ensuite fully plumbed in toilet and showers some are in a wooden structure. Some are in a tent structure they all have their own kitchens with four ring gas hob fridge sink countertops some are in a wooden structure others are in a large gazebo.

All of the bell tents have a Wood-burning stove in them a barbecue tables and chairs lounges and a Chimenea.

The caravan has the option of three Single beds inside the caravan and a proper double bed in the Annex awning or it can have a king-size bed in the caravan a single bunk in the caravan and a double bed in the Annex awning the caravan is not plumbed in however it has two cassette toilets and a shower and a fridge a full gas cooker including oven grill and four rings.

There is more…

It has tables and chairs both inside the awning and outside a barbecue and a Chimenea, there is a tap very close to the caravan and a hose so they don’t need to wheel the water containers. We also provide two large waste Masters for the wastewater this makes it much easier and they have to only empty them occasionally having two toilets cassette toilet means again they don’t have to empty them very often quite likely only once on each trip.

I suspect that most breaks will be for three nights also a minimum night stay is two nights weekly price for caravan and five-meter is £550 for the large one which sleeps up to 6 weekly prices is £700


The five-meter tent sleeps up to four. It’s £100 a night the caravan is £100 a night sleeps up to 5.

The six-meter tent sleeps up to 6 people it’s £150 a night.

For more details on availability, please contact us directly now!

Call Now!  07909 766542

The Kymin – in the Forest of Dean

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The Kymin – in the Forest of Dean

The Kymin – Forest of Dean

Admire the Georgian banqueting house at the Kymin. A “must-see”


Where are the best places to visit in the Forest of Dean? How long is a piece of string? That’s how hard a question that is.


Because the Forest of Dean has so many natural beauty spots as well as traditional tourist sites and services. There really is something for everyone. This includes your pets as well. Taking the dog along on holiday is just one way to enjoy the UK break in the Forest of Dean Lodges at beautiful Coleford. Pets are more than welcome.

The Kymin

Walking in the Forest of Dean is a great pleasure at any time of the year. Each season is different, each season has something special to offer the visitors. But, there are some “must-see” places; one such place is the Kymin.

The Kymin, is a hill overlooking Monmouth, in Monmouthshire, Wales. It is located approximately one mile east of Monmouth, on the eastern side of the River Wye and adjacent to the border with the Forest of Dean and England.

The summit of the hill, about 800 feet above sea level, is known for its neo-classical monuments, the Roundhouse and the Naval Temple, built between 1794 and 1800. The site is within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and is owned by the National Trust. Wikipedia


The most common wood ant is the Southern Wood Ant, or ‘Red Wood Ant’, which is found in England and Wales.


The Kymin is home to one of Britain’s rarest and largest ants, the Red Wood ant. Their impressive nests can be found across our land here and are fascinating to watch.

Most of us don’t notice when a common little ant stumbles across our feet, but Red Wood ants are hard to miss, with the queens measuring about 12mm long.

An endangered species

Red Wood ants are on the Red Data List of endangered species in Wales. They’re under threat from changes in agriculture and woodland management.

Nearly all the nests at The Kymin are on the edge of the bowling green in the rockery and below the Round House in the meadow. Although the nests do move year on year, they tend to stay in the same general areas. Read more National Trust

There is much more to see and do but be sure to visit the Kymin and the lovely banqueting house.

Holidays in the UK 2020 – Come to the Forest of Dean Lodges

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Most Brits are staying in the UK for their annual holidays

Wish you were here? Not likely! Tens of thousands on Bournemouth beaches


Holidays in the UK are now all the rage. According to a report on Sky News this morning (04/08/2020). The Coronavirus and the latest set of government guidelines with reference to quarantine have made people think twice about going abroad. Fear of a second wave has caused the UK Government to expect people going abroad for holidays to quarantine themselves on return.

Holidays in the UK are a better option?

There was a list of what was described as “air bridges”. These are routes considered safe to use. Spain was one of those safe air bridges but, things have changed.

Just like the UK, Spain has had localised outbreaks of COVID-19. Places such as Barçalona have gone into local lockdown. The UK Government have changed their minds and are expecting anyone going to Spain, not just the places with suspected local outbreaks, to quarantine for at least 10 days on return to the UK.

As one could imagine, it takes the joy out of any forthcoming vacation. It’s not just the Brits travelling abroad that are less than amused, the Spanish Government are very disappointed.

MADRID (Reuters) – Spain said on Saturday it was a safe country with localised, isolated and controlled outbreaks of the coronavirus, after Britain indicated it would force all travellers arriving from Spain to quarantine for two weeks.

A Spanish Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Spain “respects decisions of the United Kingdom” and was in touch with the authorities there.

Forest of Dean Lodges – A safe haven in the UK

So, Sky News reported that people are now choosing to stay at home for their holidays. Places such as the Forest of Dean, for example, are now preferred over a trip to Benidorm, Nerja or Ibiza. There are other locations but, if you’ve seen the shots of tens of thousands of people on Bournemouth and Brighton beaches, you might prefer a more serene setting.

There would be no need for quarantine, the weather is looking great and the prices are good.

At Forest of Dean Lodges (Coleford) we have the top accommodation in the most beautiful location. Our lodges and cabins are cleaned using a state-of-the-art fogging machine. This sterilises against that ghastly Coronavirus.

Check out our accommodations and see what you could be staying in. The Forest of Dean is beautiful all year round. Please do book early, the lodges won’t stay empty.

Spring Breaks in the Forest of Dean

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Spring Breaks in the Forest of Dean

Spring Breaks in the Forest of Dean – Pet-Friendly Holidays

The Forest of Dean is a kaleidoscope of colours.


When is it Springtime in the UK?


The seasons are defined as spring (March, April, May), summer (June, July, August), autumn (September, October, November) and winter (December, January, February) The first day of spring in the UK astronomically occurs on the vernal equinox, 20 March 2020.

In short, Springtime is almost upon us.

What does that actually mean? Why is Springtime more important than any other season of the year? It’s the time of year when everything in nature is changing and promising new life and new hope. After the long, dark, winter months, spring is literally a breath of fresh air. And as the days get longer, the nights get shorter, and it starts to feel warmer, nature responds in a big way.

Also, the gathering at Stone Henge is another marker to let you know that ‘spring has sprung’. Druids, pagans and revellers gathered at dawn by Stonehenge’s ancient stones to mark the vernal equinox, the official beginning of springtime. Twice a year, the earth’s axis is angled so that the world gets an equal amount of daylight and night, a highly significant event in the pagan calendar.

In case you don’t know; Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, two miles west of Amesbury. It consists of a ring of standing stones, each around 13 feet high, seven feet wide, and weighing around 25 tons.

Check out this great website from the BBC all about the joys of spring.

Spring Breaks in Forest of Dean Lodges


Forest of Dean Lodges and cabins are a great way to see in the spring. The Forest comes alive, the trees change colours, animals of all sorts and species are giving birth. This is a unique and wonderful holiday experience. What’s more, you can bring your pets to stay with you. However; do make sure to book early. Accommodation can be snapped up quickly.

You can book a Forest of Dean Lodge, Cabin or Cottage now. Check out the great accommodation available. Contact us if you need any further information.

Saint Valentine’s Day Breaks in the Forest of Dean

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Saint Valentine’s Day Breaks in the Forest of Dean

Saint Valentine’s Day Breaks in the Forest of Dean

All The Romance of Dean Forest For That Very Special Day. Book Now!

Saint Valentine’s day is special to many millions of people. However, not many people know the real story of this most famous of saints.

Who was Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine was a widely recognized 3rd-century Roman saint, commemorated in Christianity on February 14. From the High Middle Ages, his Saints’ Day is associated with a tradition of courtly love. There are two different Saints’ Lives for a St Valentine on February 14, but they are probably the same man. It is said that the Emporer Claudius II had a man called Valentine arrested in 270 AD.

Known to all as Claudius the Cruel, the Emporer had to maintain a large army. However, the Romans of the day were reluctant to join the Legions of Rome and Claudius and his advisors thought the reason for this lack of interest lay in the reluctance of men to leave their wives and sweethearts behind and go fighting abroad.

So, to solve this problem, Claudius decreed that all marriages and engagements in Rome were to be banned. However, Valentine, a holy priest, decided he would defy the decree and carried on performing marriage services. As you might imagine, Claudius the Cruel was not impressed. The prefect of Rome ordered the arrest and imprisonment of Valentine and that he be put to death by clubbing and then beheading.

Whilst imprisoned, the legend has it that Valentine fell in love with the warder’s daughter and, before he was put to death, he wrote her a farewell love letter which he signed ‘Frome your Valentine’. And so, a legend was born and lovers have celebrated February 14th and the holy priest Valentine who was made a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. See more

Book a lodge, cabin or cottage

The Forest of Dean is a romantic setting at any time of the year. Book yourself one of our lodges, cabins or cottages for St. Valentines Day, or, better still, the whole week. There is a great assortment of breaks available from Forest of Dean Lodges, check out the main website pages for full details. Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Self-Catering family holidays in the Forest of Dean

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Self-Catering family holidays in the Forest of Dean

Self-catering lodges make fantastic holidays in the Forest of Dean


Were are now truly into 2020 and it will soon be time to book our self-catering holidays in the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley area of Monmouthshire. Why go self-catering? Why the Forest of Dean and not the Costa del Sol or other places? There are many reasons.

  • Freedom of movement. You are not tied to any hotel or resort itinerary, so, you can please yourself where and when you eat. This also allows you to venture further afield as you have no need to return to base for a set time.
  • Pet-friendly. Forest of Dean Lodges at Coleford are pet-friendly self-catering lodges and cottages. Your pets are as welcome as you are, and we make sure they are just as comfortable. Bringing your pet with you saves a lot on kennel fees, which, in some cases, can be substantive. Also, it is much better for your pet not being separated from you and you, from them.
  • You can plan your holiday. With a self-catering, pet-friendly cottage or lodge, you can plan ahead. Doing this gives you more time to see and do the things that are most interesting to you and you save time by knowing in advance where and when you will be going places and what you will be getting up to.
  • Price: Hotels and resorts can be expensive. All-inclusive even more so. Add to that the cost of pet accommodation and you are starting to feel the financial pinch.
  • Ambience. Because the Forest of Dean Lodges, cottages and cabins is not a huge company, we have more time for our guests. You get the same high-quality service but with a more personal touch.
  • UK destination. Being in the UK, you don’t have hundreds of miles to travel, unless you are visiting from abroad. Travelling abroad involves flights and other expensive and time-consuming variables. Less time travelling to your destination means more time enjoying being on holiday.

Booking your Forest of Dean lodges, cabins or cottages is a simple matter of going to the main pages and checking the availability and prices. From there you can send an email or call us directly to secure the time and accommodation you want. We are always available to help, should you need it. Also, if there is any other information you require, we will be delighted to help where we can.

Please, be aware that the Forest of Dean is a very popular UK holidays destination and so booking your lodge or cabin early is a great idea. You can book at any time for any week of the year.

We look forward to your visit and we hope you have a fantastic 2020.


4,000-year-old monument discovered in the Forest of Dean

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4,000-year-old monument discovered in the Forest of Dean

A 4,000-year-old ritual monument in the Forest of Dean


Just when you think that the Forest of Dean has no more surprises; you get another surprise. It has well been known that the Forest of Dean is a very special place, both culturally, historically and archaeologically.

A 4,000-year-old ritual monument has been discovered hidden in the Forest of Dean.

The Bronze Age ring cairn is made up of ten small standing stones on top of a raised bank in a woodland enclosure near Tidenham in Gloucestershire.

It is believed to be the only site of its type in the area, according to Jon Hoyle, an archaeologist working for the county council. He first spotted the ring when examining the results of a survey of the forest using an airborne laser scan in 2006.

The ring cairn is about 25m (80ft) in diameter and made up of a 5m-wide (16ft) rubble bank, with at least 10 white limestone standing stones, each no more than 1m (3ft) high, standing on top.

What makes this particular cairn so special is that, although common in other areas, this is the first to be discovered in the Gloucestershire area.

The Bronze Age

The Stone Age is considered to have begun about two million years ago and ended sometime after the end of the last ice age about ten thousand years ago. The Bronze Age in ancient China started around 1700 BCE. This is when men learned how to mine copper and tin to make bronze weapons.

Bronze Age Britain is an era of British history that spanned from c. 2500 until c. 800 BC. Lasting for approximately 1,700 years, it was preceded by the era of Neolithic Britain and was in turn followed by the period of Iron Age Britain.


You can see more of this story via the BBC

Profhilo Anti-Ageing Treatments – Aqualyx Fat Reduction Treatments

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Profhilo Anti-Ageing Treatments – Aqualyx Fat Reduction Treatments

Aqualyx & Profhilo Treatments Forest Oasis

Aqualyx Fat Reduction Treatments – What is Aqualyx?


If you were told that you could Pee your fat out, what would you think of that?

There is on the market a new method of fat-reduction. This controversial Aqualyx jab claims to remove stubborn fat bulges in 15 mins! Imagine that?

Aqualyx Users Opinions

Only after the most traditional methods had failed to rid make-up artist Beth Thomas of her flabby stomach did she resort to this controversial, quick-fix jab Aqualyx.

So impressed by the Aqualyx Jab was this lady that she’s urging others to do the same and praising the method from the rooftops.


About Aqualyx Fat Reduction Jabs

Aqualyx injection is a controversial new slimming method that promises to dissolve fat cells, allowing dieters to pass them out of their bodies when they urinate.

This new non-surgical treatment called Aqualyx claims to be a safe and effective alternative to liposuction. As you can imagine, 1 jab wouldn’t take long to administer as opposed to the time taken with other methods.


London resident Beth Thomas, 23, was one of the first women to try it.

She forked out £750 to have the fat-zapping treatment, which promises to “remove stubborn areas of unwanted fat and stop it coming back,” on her stomach after conventional diet and exercise methods failed.

Beth had three sessions during which a therapist injected the water solution into her stomach, to try and shift her stubborn belly rolls. See more.

If you are interested in Aqualyx treatments you can contact Designed for Beauty and speak to experts. You will also be delighted with the cost. There are many other treatments from Botox to Thread veins treatments. Designed For Beauty at Forest Oasis have a great range of Surgical and non-surgical treatments available.

Profhilo Anti-Ageing Treatments

Profhilo is an injectable anti-ageing treatment made from hyaluronic acid for skin that is losing its elasticity and firmness with age. It can be used on the face, neck, decollete, arms, hands and knees. It can be used on any part of your body where the skin shows visible signs of ageing.

What Is Profhilo Used For?

Profhilo beauty treatments

It can help to increase firmness and elasticity and promote healthier and softer-looking skin. Profhilo is most commonly used for facial areas, but can also be used to rejuvenating the neck, decollete, arms, knees and hands. Profhilo is injected just below the skin’s surface over 3 sessions 3 – 4 weeks apart. This a great procedure for sunken-eyes or dark shadows under the eyes.

Prohfilo or princess rich contains Hyaluronic acid. Once the skin is warm and it has penetrated into the skin using very small injections it spreads under the skin-replenishing and restoring the skin giving it a youthful look smoothing out wrinkles and blemishes.

Designed for Beaty at Forest Oasis have trained technicians trained in this and other beauty and health treatments. Please contact us if you would like more information on Aqualyx, Botox, Profhilo or any other surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Profhilo in London you would pay £395 per session we charge £200. 

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